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Soft Washing a Moss-Covered Roof

getting moss off of a roof

Just like any other part of your house, shingles have a tendency to get dirty over time. Roofs, in particular, tend to develop mold and vegetation. Moss on a roof may look charming, but it isn’t good for the structural integrity of the roof. It’s important to get it off.

Cleaning Moss off of a Roof

It’s crucial to remove moss from your roof, but it’s also important to get rid of it in a way that won’t cause damage. That’s why a soft wash is so great for asphalt shingles. It allows us to clean all the mildew off without loosening shingles. When we do a soft wash, it’s more about spraying on soap and letting it do the work than it is about using water pressure.

getting moss off of a roof

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