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Soft Washing a Deck

Before and after cleaning deck

Power washing is known to make the exterior of your home come to life and look inviting. It’s also applicable to almost all types of exterior surfaces. Your driveway, siding, roof, and porch are just some examples customers commonly power wash. Decks are also another common area that needs power washing. In order to not damage your deck, especially if it’s older, the pressure needs to be lower.

Bringing a Deck Back to Life

Over time your deck’s wood might start to look dull and collect debris. This may look permanent, but with a little love, it can look brand new! If the pressure is too high it can damage your deck, leaving chips in the wood, and even worse, holes. This is why a soft wash is great for decks! Soft washing uses a mix of water, dish soap, and a small amount of diluted liquid chlorine to kill mold and other germs.

Check out the results of a recent deck cleaning job:

Before and after cleaning deck Before and after cleaning deck