Pressure Washing Concrete and Stucco Steps


When building a home or business, most people will want longevity and easy maintenance. Especially in commercial places, installing concrete or stucco steps, patios, and sidewalks provide low-cost and minimal maintenance options. Unfortunately, these can still become incredibly stained and dirty over time. As weather blows in across the eastern seaboard, it can leave behind debris and thick residue deposits. The residue left behind can become slippery or uneven, causing concrete and stucco surfaces to become unsafe. If not removed, the residue can also be an optimal location for mold growth. As a result, mold can become a severe health hazard. For these reasons, we recommend pressure washing concrete and stucco after every season, particularly after seasons of rain or heavy winds and moisture.

Pressure Washing Step By Step

We were excited to be called to a job recently that allowed us to powerwash concrete and stucco steps. However, when we arrived, we noticed that not only had it become aesthetically unappealing, but it had also become a safety hazard. So our team quickly went to work! We were careful to clean out every corner of these steps and power wash the sidewall. The result was a like-new, beautiful staircase that was safe for individuals to walk up and down. Check out these before and afters. We are still “oohing and aahing”.

Commercial Pressure Washing

If you are in need of commercial pressure washing of concrete or stucco, or you are a homeowner with concrete or stucco steps, patios, or sidewalks, please do not hesitate to contact us. For a free estimate, fill out our form online or give us a call at 949-877-2948.