The Benefits of Soft Washing

Pressure washing is great for hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete, but on some types of surfaces, too much pressure can be damaging.

Surfaces like roofing or stucco are better suited for a soft wash that involves less pressure. Our solutions are powerful enough to handle any contaminants that accumulate on exteriors without damaging your surface. Our solutions are also safe for plants, wildlife, and pets.

The Soft Washing Process

PSI, which stands for pounds per square inch, is a rating that helps determine how powerful a water stream will be. It is a measure of the pressure of water created through the pressure washer.

Traditional pressure washing uses 1300-1700 PSI. But soft washing only uses 500 PSI (or less). Soft washing is much safer for more fragile surfaces. Our team is highly trained on the techniques for using a custom blend of soap, which removes all algae, stains, mildew, mold, and dirt without causing any damage.

Soft Washing Services for Roofs

When we wash a roof, we only use techniques approved by the ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association). Water pressure that is too high can knock shingles loose and cause damage.

Washing a roof is less about using water pressure, and more about mixing the perfect chemical solution to dissolve grime and kill mold without damaging your property.

The experienced team at Rolling Suds will create a custom-blended cleaning solution, apply it to your roof, and let the solution work its magic. After the solution has had time to dissolve the mold, we gently rinse.

Learn more about our roof washing services.

Soft Washing for the Rest of Your House

In addition to roofing, stucco is another surface that needs a gentle wash, rather than a high-pressure wash.

When we clean stucco, we spray a customized mixture of soap onto the surface, let it break up the mildew, and gently rinse it with soft pressure.

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