Is power washing safe?

Yes, Rolling Suds’s cleaning procedure is environmentally safe. Our detergents will not harm your plants and animals. We also rinse down all plants before and after the work is done. Our low pressure system is safe on siding, shingles, windows, and more.

Will power washing damage my siding or windows?

As long as your siding is not already damaged, power washing will not damage it. Our low pressure system means – No high pressure against your siding or windows.

How long does it take to clean a house or a deck?

The average house or deck takes only a few hours.

Will power washing damage my Trex or plastic deck?

No, we can clean all composite decks without causing damage.

Do you supply your own water?

There is a common misconception that the water from outdoor spigots is expensive, but that isn’t true. Most often, 1,000 gallons of water costs from $4-$5, and the average residential job uses 100-400 gallons of water. For this reason, we usually encourage homeowners to let us hook up to their water supply, as it’s more economical. However, we are able to supply our own water for residential and commercial jobs for an added fee.

What chemicals are used in the cleaning solution?

We use a mix of water, dish soap, and a small amount of diluted liquid chlorine. The liquid chlorine kills mold and other germs, preventing them from growing back for longer periods of time. Using liquid chlorine helps us accomplish a soft wash, which is safer for siding, shingles, windows, etc

How often should building exteriors be cleaned?

All buildings are different, but typically surfaces stay clean for years. However, trees and shrubs in shaded areas will increase the growth of mold and mildew.

I have small, dark spots on my siding. What is this?

Most likely they are artillery fungus spores. This fungus lives in mulch and will shoot its spores into the air. This often lands on your siding. They are not always completely removed with normal power washing.

Can Rolling Suds clean my stained or painted siding without removing the stain or paint?

Yes. When cleaning a stained or painted siding we use very low pressure and let the chemicals do most of the work. Proper cleaning will actually prolong the life of your stained or painted siding.

Is it safe to clean asphalt shingles? Are you supposed to wash your roof?

Yes! In fact, this is an often overlooked level of maintenance for a home and is even recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, and specifically in this technical bulletin.

How long have you been in business?

We started in 1990, after 30 years we have cleaned over 200,000+ jobs.

How much pressure do your machines have?

We can get pressures up to 4,000 Psi. Most of our jobs we use less than 1,000 Psi. It is also the gallons per minute that make a big difference, we have machines that are 10-20 GPM and with bigger nozzles can shoot water and chemical 40-50 feet high.

How much does it cost?

The image of a clean environment can be priceless. We will come out and write a free estimate for any job. We have some of the latest equipment that not only saves us time but saves you money.

Can you remove the gum and dirt on the concrete walks at my store?

Yes we can use hot water that will remove gum and dirt.

How high can you clean?

We have washed over 100ft. high with a lift, and can reach some 4-5 story buildings with no ladders or lifts.

Can you clean a development with over 20 buildings? And how long will it take?

We did one development that had 160 large buildings and we got it done in 3 weeks. Most developments with 20-25 buildings we can clean in 1 week. We have worked with 100’s of management companies.

Do you clean shopping centers or parking garages?

Yes we have done shopping centers and parking garages from NY to MD.

Do you have insurance?

Yes we have $2,000,000 in liability and also have Workers Compensation for our employees.

How much does it cost?

Power washing is inexpensive compared to the cost of repainting or replacing damaged decks or siding. Get a free quote by giving us some detailed information about your house, deck, or other cleaning needs.